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America and the TSUNAMI: a second letter to the President of the USA


                                                                                       January,  21  1981

Dear  president Jimmy  Carter,


On 26 and 27 December I wrote you a letter about earthquakes.

All I had to write to you is the truth. I believe you know that by now, although you will hardly be able to believe it.

Above 's letter I tried to sent you from Mahé ( Seychelles ) by normal mail and I wanted to drop one copy in the mailbox of the U.S. Embassy over there.

At that time my ship, m.v. Nedlloyd Ebro, was in port Victoria at Mahé Island .

As soon as we came alongside I went ashore at 4 pm .

The post office was closed and your embassy there has no mailbox, at least I could not find one, not down in the building and also not upstairs, where the embassy itself is.

So good advice was hard to get.

While at 16.30 the embassy was closed. I had to ring the bell and one of your people came to me. I had to tell him something about the letter to be sure that he understood the importance. Also I had to tell him my name, of which I was very afraid to do, while you hear so many strange stories about CIA etc.

But of course I shouldn’t have been afraid, because when God is with you who can be against you? O, probably the whole world, but that is not important. Death on earth for a Christian is nothing, while we have eternal life in Christ.

In that letter I made another mistake, I wrote not to tell all I had to write you about how earthquakes come to be.

Well as I wrote already, my task is to write a clear book about all things to come, with of course the Bible as proof and God’s help to guide me. Therefore I must write also in that book about these phenomenon's. So everybody who reads it will be able to know that it’s the truth. I hope you do understand and forgive me that I have to break that promise to you, but when God explains things so clearly how can I refuse to write it down in that book as a most important prove for everything that God told me.

As probably your scientists told you already, this quake (or more) will happen probably at sea as I was able to write already. Anyway most destruction will come from the sea.

The Japanese seem to have such a quake once in a while, they call them Tsunami.

The Tsunami is a tidal wave caused by a seaquake. In the vastness of the ocean such a tidal wave has an altitude of only a few meters, but a speed of hundreds of kilometers.

When such a wave runs into a coast, the speed slacks down and the altitude becomes higher. Like Japan , the USA has many funnel shaped bays on the east coast.

When such a tidal wave builds up in a funnel shaped bay, the altitude becomes extremely high and can become tens of meters.

Tremendous force is build up and destroys all that is coming in its way, specially when the water runs back to sea.

Like a stone that is dropped in the water, will form more than one wave, such a seaquake triggers more than one tidal wave. Together they are very destructive.

This knowledge about the Tsunami you can read in The Mariners Handbook, a book you can find on every bridge of ocean going vessels.  

Not only America will be badly damaged, but also Europe , even my own country Holland will disappear under water as I believe. Why I say that, I will explain in the book I am writing.

You see the importance why I have to write about this quake, also in this book?  

Mr. Carter, I had to resign from my job as a ship’s deck officer to write the book as soon as possible.

You had to step down from office, please use your time to see to it that the people will be evacuated from these cities near those bays.

I hope that it’s possible.

Still tell your Christian leaders about it, so they’ll be able to tell the people to go to Jesus with their sins, so they’ll live forever. Well you will know what to do, ask God and He will answer.

Don’t let anything keep you from this job that has to be done.

I know it will be very difficult, as is my task; sometimes I hardly can stand all this knowledge but up to now God gave me His strength and I know that whatever will happen He will carry on to do so.

Please pray for me, as I will pray for you.

Still your

Christian friend.